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Send and sync CI data from Device42 to ServiceNow Express.
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Device42 is a Continuous Discovery software for your IT Infrastructure. It helps you automatically maintain an up-to-date inventory of your physical, virtual, and cloud servers and containers, network components, software/services/applications, and their inter-relationships and inter-dependencies.

This repository contains script that helps you sync configuration items(CI) data from Device42 to ServiceNow Express.


* This script works with Device42 and above


* python 2.7.x
* requests (you can install it with pip install requests or apt-get install python-requests)


* Copy mapping.xml.sample1 to mapping.xml, then put credentials and fields that you want to sync as in sample
* Run the script! (`python`)


* Script runs on Linux and Windows


* mapping.xml - file from where we get fields relations between D42 and ServiceNow Express
* - file with integration description, we describe how fields should be migrated
* - initialization and processing file, where we prepare API calls

How does it work

* API endpoints are under ( for what tables are mapped to what API calls.
* Each section in mapping.xml has `task enable` as "true" or "false". Use that to enable/disable sync for that section (or table)
* Within each section, you have field mapping. resource means D42 api parameter and target means Servicenow Express table field name. For example, in" `<field resource="service_level" type="string" target="classification"/>` service_level from D42 is mapped to classification in SN express. You can change the target or even take out the complete line to not do that mapping.


This ServiceNow Express mapping / sync script is provided as-is without any support. We do provide fee-based professional services/support if you need help with this script. To find out more please email with subject ServiceNow Express script support.

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