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Device42 is a Continuous Discovery software for your IT Infrastructure. It helps you automatically maintain an up-to-date inventory of your physical, virtual, and cloud servers and containers, network components, software/services/applications, and their inter-relationships and inter-dependencies.

This repository contains a script that helps traceroute IPs in Device42 and set custom field information.

Download and Installation

To utilize the traceroute_tags script, Python 2.7, 3.5+ is required. The following Python Packages are required as well:

  • xmljson==0.2.0
  • requests==2.13.0
  • pyparsing==2.1.10

These can all be installed by running pip install -r requirements.txt.

Once installed, the script itself is run by this command: python


Prior to using the script, it must be configured to connect to your Device42 instance.

  • Save a copy of configuration.xml.sample as configuration.xml.
  • Enter your URL, User, Password (lines 4-6).
  • Update your DOQL according to your requirements (lines 7).
  • Configure hop count and timeout(ms) (lines 9-10).
  • Set custom field information for IPs (line 11). You can change custom field name.


  • Script runs on Linux as root privilege and Windows.


  • configuration.xml - file from where we get configuration information about Device42 and traceroute arguments.
  • - file with integration Device42 instance.
  • - file with python traceroute code using raw socket.
  • - start script file.


We will support any issues you run into with the script and help answer any questions you have. Please reach out to us at



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