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3.5.0 Release

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@sitnik sitnik released this 04 Jun 16:22
· 3 commits to master since this release
  • k8s: add parameters for log level configuration in Java Server services
  • k8s: add deployment for DeviceHive MQTT broker
  • update Prometheus JMX Exporter to version 0.3.0
  • k8s: update installation step in docs
  • docker-compose installation now includes cAdvisor and Prometheus containers, Grafana is provisioned with Prometheus datasource and example DeviceHive dashboard
  • cleanup DH Plugin topics from Kafka every 10 minutes
  • Add DH_AUTH_SPRING_PROFILES_ACTIVE env variable for setting Kafka connection method in Auth service.
  • k8s: devicehive-auth deployment now supports javaServer.bus=rpc value
  • compose,k8s: Fix WS_SERVER_URL parameter for MQTT brokers. It should point to internal Frontend address and isn't required to be set by user. Fixes: #51.
  • k8s: add common nodeSelector value for all DeviceHive Deployments
  • docs,k8s: document replicaCount and resources values for MQTT brokers deployments
  • k8s: add values for Hazelcast min/max heap size
  • Add compose file variant and k8s deployment for devicehive-backend-node service
  • k8s: update chart dependencies
  • k8s: fix deployment condition for Redis dependency
  • k8s: add devicehive-cassandra-plugin Helm chart
  • compose: self-signed certificates generation in DeviceHive Proxy is removed, description in "Breaking changes" section. Fixes: #50.
  • k8s: deploy internal WS proxy only when bus is 'wsproxy'
  • k8s: add common ingress to bypass devicehive-proxy
  • Update images to DeviceHive Java Server 3.5.0, DeviceHive Proxy 3.5.0

Breaking changes:

  • grafana.yml file for Docker Compose installation was renamed to monitoring.yml. Update your .env file or other startup scripts if you use it.
  • compose: self-signed certificates generation in Devicehive Proxy is removed. If you relied on this, please read instructions in HTTPS configuration (TLS) for setting up TLS with custom certificates. This is caused by removal of openssl binary from official nginx Docker images (nginxinc/docker-nginx#182).