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Libraries and Java core updated

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@geosk geosk released this 06 Sep 08:36
· 2 commits to master since this release

We've finished the testing process and happy to release a new version.
This release contains major changes, which help using the platform in the cutting-edge development environment. We hope that it will inspire the DeviceHive community to generate more interesting ideas and solve own challenges.

Main changes


TaskCurrent VersionNew Version
Replace HazelcastHuzelcastRedis

Frameworks and Libraries

TaskCurrent VersionNew Version
Upgrade JDK version8OpenJDK 17
Upgrade base image of JDK in Docker filesopenjdk:8u162-jre-slimopenjdk:17.0.2
Upgrade Spring Boot version1.5.7.RELEASE2.7.5
Upgrade Flyway version3.
Upgrade Apache commons-lang33.
Upgrade Jackson Mapper version2.
Upgrade Swagger version1.
Upgrade Kafka client0.

Additional development tools

TaskCurrent VersionNew Version
Migrate Apache Kafka0.
Migrate Postgres DB1014.4
Migrate Zookeeper3.