DeviceHive esp8266 firmware. Control hardware via clouds with DeviceHive!
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DeviceHive ESP8266 Firmware

Special firmware for usage ESP8266 as local web server with RESTful API and as DeviceHive clouds client. This repo consist of few parts of this project which can be used with other projects. Each project has dedicated readme file.

Photo above is a real photo of the demo device contructed with esp8266. See

This is the main documentation file for this firmware. Document contains commands specification, describes all features and firmware usage. Click here to open it.

Demo videos

Zero wireless configuring with Android
DeviceHive clouds demos:
BH1750 Ambient light
DS18B20 + iButton + DHT11
Muscle connected to the cloud
SSD1306 OLED display
Multple sensor connection
Smart socket
Wireless Configuring with Mac and Linux
BMP180 Atmospheric pressure
MPU6050 Accelerometer + Gyroscope
MFRC522 RFID Reader
Simple relay

custom firmwares

There is a possibility to build custom firmware on top of this which sends some notifications to DeviceHive server periodically. In pauses firmware goes to deep sleep mode. Reimplement custom_firmware_request() method in custom_firmware.c file with reading of some sensors data. There are implementation for some sensors in sources/devices dir. Also, it is possible to create interaction with any sensor using interface implementation modules (dhi2c, dhspi, dhonewire etc). See climate branch as an example.


Simple utils for flashing and connecting to ESP8266.


Simple web pages with JavaScript sample of sendind recieving command from device via cloud. Onewire DS18B20 examples use 0x33[SKIP ROM] command which means that examples work only with one currently connected device. Some browsers(for example Firefox) block cross domen requests even for local file. Allow temporary cross domain requests in setting or use another browser to run examples.

Local RESTful API samples are embedded to firmware. Sources of them can be found at firmware-src/pages directory.


Sources of DeviceHive ESP8266 firmware.


Small utils which is written on bash and can be used on any OS. This util creates binary firmware files files from crosstool-NG binary file output.


Tests for firmware. Youcan find sample of command in file requests.html. Each addtest() instance have boolean third parameter. If this parameters is true it means that command and parameters is written correctly and you can use it as a sample.


Scripts for generating binary releases.


SDK from chip manufactor. Included in this repo to make sure that we are using the same version of this SDK to avoid any surprises from changing APIs


The MIT License. See LICENSE file. Except sdk directory, it has ESPRSSIF MIT License, see sdk/License file for details.


Nikolay Khabarov
Igor Malovitsa
Maksim Kleshchevnikov