Your personal torrent search engine.
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Your Personal Torrent Search Engine.
(It's a silent "O".)

This project was an honorable mention in the 2016 Gopher Gala.

What's with the name?

Magopie is pronounced just like "magpie" the bird. We chose the name because magpies are known for collecting things (especially if they're shiny). We added the "silent o" mostly for fun but also to differentiate from an existing Python project named magpie.

Use Cases

  1. I often want to search for some torrent but don't want to be subjected to NSFW ads that are prevalent on many torrent sites. Magopie proxies my query to multiple upstream torrent search engines and collates the results into a basic collection.
  2. I want to remotely start a torrent on a home server or seedbox. Magopie does not participate in any peer-to-peer file sharing itself; it merely downloads a .torrent file to a preconfigured directory on the server. Another program such as Transmission needs to be configured to watch that same directory for new .torrent files.
  3. I want to do all of that from my phone.



Note: we were tunneling through ngrok for the demo to work around a local networking problem.

Notable Features

  • Android client using Go bindings via gomobile.
  • Downloaded .torrent files are saved to disk through an afero filesystem interface providing for future extensibility to other remote afero implementations.
  • Torrents are gathered by parsing Kick Ass Torrents XML feeds and by scraping the search page of The Pirate Bay using goquery.
  • Searches against upstream sites are performed concurrently.

Future Plans

  • Serve magopie over TLS with automatic integration with Let's Encrypt.
  • Improve/replace the authentication mechanism.
  • Create an iOS app using the gomobile bindings.


Go dependencies are vendored under vendor/. If you need to add or update a dep you should use the govendor tool.

Development currently targets Go version 1.6 but will probably work on 1.5 with the vendor experiment enabled.


To work on the Android app do the following:

  • Install gomobile.
  • Install Android Studio and SDK level 22.
  • Connect a device and ensure you can see it with adb devices.
  • In Android Studio set your GOPATH. First open the settings dialog at Android Studio > Preferences on Mac OS X or under File > Settings on Linux and Windows. From there go to Build, Execution, Deployment > Path Variables and add the variable GOPATH that points to your normal $GOPATH such as /Users/jwalker/go.
  • Open the project $GOPATH/src/
  • Run the app module.


Magopie is licensed with the MIT license.

Margo, the Magopie mascot, is a derivative work of the Go gopher, and thus, is licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attributions license.

The Go gopher was designed by Renee French. The design is licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attributions license. Read this article for more details: