A userscript/content script that allows fast switching of the alternate timezone displayed in Google Calendar
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A userscript/content script that allows fast switching of the alternate timezone displayed in Google Calendar. Helpful if you are scheduling meetings with folks in 2 or more remote time zones, as you can more easily change the display among a set of remote timezones.

More info, including screenshots, at http://linuxforlovers.wordpress.com/2014/03/11/google-calendar-timezone-switcher/.


This script works with Google Calendar and assumes you have the Additional time zone display enabled (see https://support.google.com/calendar/answer/179200 for how to do this).


In Chrome, visit the chrome://chrome/extensions page and then drag-and-drop gctzs.user.js onto that page. Click the Add button to install the script. You'll need to refresh your Google Calendar tab(s) for the script to take effect.

See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5258989/manually-adding-a-userscript-to-google-chrome for more details.

This script may also work in Firefox via Greasemonkey, but I've only tested with Chrome 33.0 on Mac OSX.


You can modify the list of timezones that are displayed with these steps:

  1. Visit http://momentjs.com/timezone/data/, select the timezones, and copy the Browser output into the script where it says EDITING STEP 1.
  2. Edit the TZ_OF_LABEL dictionary (where the script says EDITING STEP 2) to include your new timezones and/or abbreviations. Note that the timezone must be a standard timezone identifier string (see Wikipedia and moment.js for a list)
  3. Reload your updates by un-checking and then re-checking the Enabled checkbox for the script on the Chrome extensions page (chrome://chrome/extensions).
  4. Refresh your Google Calendar tab(s) for your changes to take effect.