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No More Global Modules - local installation of global modules
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No More Global Modules


Global modules are a bit of a pain. Yes, we need them for to run coffee and jade but this creates a problem.

By installing modules globally you can never really be certain whether a module you've require()d is included in your package.json depencencies. Also, installing module system-wide doesn't feel right.

No More Global Modules (or nmgm) alliviates these problems by installing "global" modules in $HOME/bin. Most distributions include $HOME/bin in $PATH.

Instead of npm install -g coffee-script you run nmgm install coffee-script. That's it.


nmgm is not installed as a global module. There are two installation options:

  • Either you cd /tmp and run npm install nmgm.

  • Or you clone this repository and run ./install.

Next run which nmgm to make sure that nmgm is in the path. You may need to add $HOME/bin to $PATH on your machine.

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