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Geography Game
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Geography Game Created by Devin Haynes, Douglas Neide, and Rafael Chavez

The object of the game is to conquer the entire U.S. In order to do this, you must answer two questions for every state: What state it is and what the capital of that state is. If you answer both questions correctly, you have conquered that state and the color changes to blue. If you miss one or both of the questions, your enemy is awarded that state and the color changes to red. How many states can you conquer?

Getting Started The opening screen allows for three options: 1.) Start the Game - This begins your conquest and loads the U.S. map 2.) Rules - Displays the rules regarding your conquest 3.) Quit - Closes the application

Starting your Conquest It is up to how to decide how you will conquer the map. You may click on any state in any order using the mouse. Once a state is selected, a quiz screen will appear with two questions - Name of State & Name of Capital. This is your chance to take over the state. Enter your answer for the state and the capital in the corresponding text fields. Then press submit. If you do not wish to answer the questions at this point, you may order a retreat(press the retreat button). In this case, the state remains neutral. You may attempt to take over the state at another point in time. Once the submit button is pressed, the result is final. You may not re-click on any state that has been conquered(either by you or the enemy) The score is displayed on the main game screen and is updated every time the submit button is clicked. You may surrender at any time via the surrender button in the top left portion of the map. If you do so, you will receive you final score and are offered a chance to resume your conquest. Otherwise you may close the game.

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