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DStore subsidises the iati-datastore with an optimised nodejs + SQLite database for use in real time Country Tracker queries.

Assuming you are on a Debian derivative.

npm install

will get you nodejs from a new PPA and install the required modules.

Any problems encountered at this stage are probably due to an old version of nodejs being installed via apt-get. If you have problems or are not on debian, try building the latest stable version of node rather than using apt-get.

On windows I recommend installing git and node and then using git bash, the command-line for git to run npm and node as shown bellow.

v0.10.24 of node is current and tested with this code.


Then the following commands can now be run.

NB: There seems to be some confusion over the use of node or nodejs due to package name clashes on some distributions. Try nodejs if node is not found.

node js/serv.js

Runs the main server.

node js/serv.js --port=1337 --database=db/dstore.sqlite

Runs the server with some options that could also have been set in the config.json file.

node js/cmd.js init

Clears the database and creates the default tables ready to be filled. Alternatively, you could just delete the dstore.sqlite file for a full reset. The best thing to do is delete the .sqlite file and then run init.

node js/cmd.js import "tmp/bd.xml"

Populate the database from just the named xml file which is good for simple tests.


Will delete and reset the current database, IE create the table structures but it will be empty.


This clears the database and then downloads and imports data for Bangladesh, Uganda and Honduras. It's probably best to have a look at the scripta and see what it does rather than just run it blindly. This script caches downloads in cache so rm the cache directory to update the data.


Use the clearcache script to clear the download cach so you get fresher data the next time you import. Otherwise the above scripts will reuse their last download.


This is another script that imports all IATI data from the datastore and will chug away downloading and processing for a couple of hours. Using up around 3gig of disk space (currently, this number will go up). This uses a download cache so if you skip the clearcache line then it will reimport your last import. If you skip the reset line then you will refresh a currently active database, this is safe to do while dstore is currently running and servng data.

It is recommended that you only import data you wish to use and be aware that these are just example/test scripts. That will be replaced with a slightly better import system in the future.