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Aspray - JCR Licklider Interview.pdf
Barthes - From Work to Text.pdf
Barton - A New Approach to the Functional Design of a New Computer.pdf
Bennett - Logical Reversibility of Computation.pdf
Bolt - Spatial Data Management.pdf
Borwein - Aesthetics for the Working Mathematician.pdf
Bush - As We May Think (Easy Reader).pdf
Bush - As We May Think (Life Magazine 9-10-1945).pdf
Bush - As We May Think (with Engelbart notes).pdf
Bush - Memex Revisited.pdf
Bush - The Differential Analyzer.pdf
Buxton - Interaction at Lincoln Laboratory in the 1960.pdf
Carriero - Linda in Context.pdf
Clark - TX-2 papers.pdf
Cohn - Comics, Linguistics, and Visual Language.pdf
Compton - The Genesis of a Curriculum in Biological Engineering.pdf
Conway - Reminiscences of the VLSI Revolution.pdf
Cook - How Complex Systems Fail.pdf
Cox - Probability, Frequency and Reasonable Expectation.pdf
Engelbart - Augmenting Human Intellect (typeset).pdf
Engelbart - Augmenting Human Intellect.pdf
Engelbart - Games That Teach the Fundamentals of Computer Operation.pdf
Engelbart - Improving Our Ability to Improve.pdf
Fenton - Playground.pdf
Goody - The Consequences of Literacy.pdf
Hadamard - The psychology of invention in the mathematical field.pdf
Hamming - One Man's View of Computer Science.pdf
Hestenes - An Interview with David Hestenes.pdf
Hestenes - Modeling games in the Newtonian World.pdf
Hestenes - Secrets of Genius.pdf
Hillis - The Connection Machine.pdf
Hoare - The Emperors Old Clothes.pdf
Hofstadter - Analogy as the Core of Cognition.pdf
Hofstadter - To Err Is Human.pdf
Ingalls - Back to the Future.pdf
Ingalls - The Smalltalk-76 Programming System.pdf
Jaynes - Clearing up Mysteries.pdf
Jaynes - Notes on Present Status and Future Progress.pdf
Jaynes - Probability in Quantum Theory.pdf
Jaynes - Some Random Observations.pdf
Jaynes - The Evolution of Carnot's Principle.pdf
Jaynes - The Gibbs Paradox.pdf
Kay - A Personal Computer for Children of All Ages.pdf
Kay - Computer Software - SciAm.pdf
Kay - NSF proposal.pdf
Kay - Opening the Hood of a Word Processor.pdf
Kay - Personal Dynamic Media.pdf
Kay - Playground Essays.pdf
Kay - Powerful Ideas Need Love Too.html
Kay - Programming and Programming Languages.pdf
Kay - The Center of Why.pdf
Kay - The Real Computer Revolution Hasn%E2%80%99t Happened Yet.pdf
Kay - User Interface, a Personal View.pdf
Kay - What is a Dynabook.pdf
Kennedy - Administration of Research in a Research Corporation table.png
Kennedy - Administration of Research in a Research Corporation.html
Kurlander - A History-Based Macro By Example System.pdf
Kurlander - Editable Graphical Histories.pdf
Kurlander- Inferring Constraints from Multiple Snapshots.pdf
Lamport - How to Write a 21st Century Proof.pdf
Lamport - The Future of Computing - Logic or Biology.pdf
Lamport - Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System.pdf
Lampson - Alto User's Handbook.pdf
Landauer - Irreversibility and Heat Generation in the Computing Process.pdf
Landauer - Zig-Zag Path to Understanding.pdf
Landin - The Next 700 Programming Languages.pdf
Lapham - The Eternal Now.pdf
Latour - Visualisation and Cognition.pdf
Lenat - Heuretics.pdf
Lenat - Voice of the Turtle.pdf
Lenat - Why AM and Eurisko Appear to Work.pdf
Licklider - Interactive Information Processing, Retrieval, and Transfer.pdf
Licklider - Libraries of the Future.pdf
Licklider - Man-Computer Symbiosis.pdf
Licklider - Online Man-Computer Communication.pdf
Licklider - The Computer as Communication Device.pdf
Luzin - The Evolution of Function Part II.pdf
Mason - When is a Symbol Symbolic.pdf
Mead - American Spectator Interview.html
Mead - Gene Youngblood Interview.pdf
Mead - Oral History Cohen.pdf
Mead - The Nature of Light - What are Photons..pdf
Meijer - Functional Programming with Bananas, Lenses, Envelopes and Barbed Wire.pdf
Meyers - Scripting Graphical Applications by Demonstration.pdf
Minsky - Steps Toward Artificial Intelligence.pdf
Minsky - Why programming is a good medium for expressing poorly understood and sloppily-formulated ideas.pdf
Moore - Forth - The Early Years.pdf
Myers - Scripting Graphical Applications by Demonstration.pdf
Papert - Beyond The Cognitive.pdf
Papert - Teaching Children to be Mathematicians Versus Teaching About Mathematics.pdf
Papert - Whats the Big Idea.pdf
Pike - Systems Software Research is Irrelevant.pdf
Postman - Five Things We Need to Know About Technological Change.pdf
Shannon - A Mathematical Theory of Communication.pdf
Shannon - Communication Theory of Secrecy Systems.pdf
Shannon - The Bandwagon.pdf
Smith - Croquet - A Collaboration System Architecture.pdf
Smith - Experiences With The Alternate Reality Kit.pdf
Smith - Pygmalion.pdf
Stallman - EMACS, The Extensible, Customizable, Self-Documenting Display Editor.pdf
Stewart - Hermann Grassmann was Right.pdf
Sussman - Building Robust Systems.pdf
Sussman - Robust Design through Diversity.pdf
Sutherland - Microelectronics and Computer Science.pdf
Sutherland - Sketchpad Report.pdf
Sutherland - Technology and Courage.pdf
Sutherland - The Ultimate Display.pdf
Sutherland - Tyranny of the Clock.pdf
Taylor - Oral History.pdf
Teitelman - The Cedar Programming Environment, A Midterm Report and Examination.pdf
Tesler - A Personal History of Modeless Text Editing and Cut-Copy-Paste.pdf
Thurston - Mathematical Education.pdf
Thurston - On Proof and Progress in Mathematics.pdf
Travers - Recursive Interfaces for Reactive Objects.pdf
Vannevar Bush Symposium - Closing Panel.html
Wadge - Lucid, the Dataflow Programming Language.pdf
Wigner - The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences.pdf
Wilson - Six views of embodied cognition.pdf
Wirth - Project Oberon.pdf
Xerox Star Learner's Guide.pdf
Zhang - Representations in Distributed Cognitive Tasks.pdf
diSessa - Knowledge in Pieces.pdf
diSessa - Momentum flow as an alternative perspective in elementary mechanics.pdf
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