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Demonstration project that shows how to create unit tests that use Twilio Test Credentials
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Test Credentials Demo

The Test Credentials Demo is a sample that demostrates how to build automated integration tests using Twilio Test Credentials and Visual Studio 2012.


In order to run this sample you will need to ensure you have the following prerequisites installed:

  • Visual Studio 2012 or later


This sample comes with two projects:

  • TestCredentialsDemo - Contains several sample classes uses to execute tests against
  • TestCredentialsDemo.Tests - Contains the unit test classes

In order for all tests to pass you will need to update the _accountSid and _authToken variables in each test class with your Twilio Test Credentials

You can find your Test Credentials under the Dev Tools tab of your Twilio dashboard

More Info

The full documentation for Test Credentials is available here:

Built for explanation & demo purposes, April 2013.

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