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/* welcome to a js lib with markdown in a block comment:

Am I online?

checkOnline(function(online) {
  if (online) {
  } else {
    //offline boo :(

Subscribe to online/offline events:

var $window = $(window);
$window.on('offline', function nowOffline() {});
$window.on('online', function nowOnline() {}); MIT license

Originally by Jim:

When you're working with a jQuery ajax failure, you can pass the fail callback arguments
as a second parameter to check offline, to potentially short circuit the operation

  • if the failure looks like it was from being offline, we'll double check you're offline
  • if the args describe an ajax or other error, you're online (therefore, you might want to track and report this ajax error)
  • if you omit this second arg, things work just as expected.

IMPORTANT! this javascript expects you to have a file onlineCheck.json to exist at the root of your website and contain just the text online in the file

Your server also needs to support filename based cache busting, which html5 boilerplate's .htaccess file has for you
but you will need to add json to the list of file extensions list.

var checkOnline = function checkOnlineF(resultCallback, jQueryXhrFailArgs) {
  'use strict';
  if (navigator.onLine) {
    //if no jQueryXhrFailArgs, nothing happens.
    if (jQueryXhrFailArgs != null) { //compare to null because maybe it's some other falsey value..
      var arg = [], 0); //in case you pass in the vanilla `arguments`
      if (!arg[3]) {
        arg[3] = arg[0].getAllResponseHeaders(); //if we got no response we should have no response headers
        //so this is expected to be the empty string
      //If we have all these exact args and no headers, it's very likely we're offline.
      //-Otherwise, we have an explcit ajax error
      //If this proves fragile, then this if level can be removed, and the else branch deleted.
      if (arg[0].responseText !== 0  ||
          arg[0].status       !== 0  ||
          arg[0].readyState   !== '' ||
          arg[0].statusText   !== 'error' ||
          arg[1]              !== 'error' ||
          arg[2] !== '' ||
          arg[3] !== ''//result from .getAllResponseHeaders(). We should have no response headers, because we didn't get a response
         //else if jQueryFailArgs differ from the above, there's some ajax error that isn't EXACTLY the error args from being offline.
        console.log('checkOnline thinks these args describe an ajax failure (and you\'re online):' +
                    '\n' + JSON.stringify(arg) +
                    '\ncheckOnline reads these args as a failure from being offline:' +
    //At this point it looks like we're probably offline, but to actually assure we're online, we get some data over the network
    // Just because the browser says we're online doesn't mean we're online. The browser lies.
    // Check to see if we are really online by making a call for a static JSON resource on
    // the originating Web site. If we can get to it, we're online. If not, assume we're offline.
    try {
        /* cache: false, //Omitted because cachebusting via querystring is unreliable.
           some proxy servers only update a cache if the filename changes, not a querystring.
           There's a apache rule to resolve the random number places in the url in the HTML5 BoilerPlate .htaccess file */
        timeout: 2800, //you could decrese this, and automatically assume offline if the internet is just CRAWLING - this may already be too low
        url: location.protocol + '//' + location.hostname + '/onlineCheck.' + Math.random() * 99999999999999999 + '.json'
      .done(function onlineCheckDone(resp) {
        if (resp === 'online') {
          resultCallback(true); //ZOMG ONLINE
        } else {
      .fail(function onlineCheckFail() {
        // We might not be technically "offline" if the error is not a timeout, but
        // otherwise we're getting some sort of error when we shouldn't, so we're
        // going to treat it as if we're offline. Perhaps the server is down.
        // Note: This might not be totally correct if the error is because the
        // manifest is ill-formed.
        //Search: is there a super reliable CORS responsive endpoint that the library could use?
        //Then we could verify online/offline status w/o the file, and can also discover if the server is down vs no internet
    } catch (e) {
      console.error('did you include jQuery? (or a library implementing the same $.ajax api?)');
      throw e;
  } else {

var checkOffline = function checkOfflineFn(resultCallback) {
  'use strict';
  checkOnline(function(online) {


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