Adding tapku to your project in xcode 4

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∙ Clone the TapkuLibrary git repository: git clone git:// Make sure you store the repository in a permanent place because Xcode will need to reference the files every time you compile your project.

∙ Locate the src/TapkuLibrary.xcodeproj and src/TapkuLibrary.bundle and add these to your XCode project (Figure 1). (use ‘Add files to project’ from ‘File’ menu instead of dragging and dropping, to prevent crash when adding target dependency in next step. c.f. Xcode 4 bug)


Figure 1

∙ Select your main Xcode project from the sidebar in Xcode and then select the project target. Select the Build Phases tab. Under the Target Dependencies group, click the plus button, select TapkuLibrary from the menu, and choose Add. (Figure 2)

∙ Under the Link Binary With Libraries group, click the plus button, select libTapkuLibrary.a from the menu, and choose Add. Also add MapKit and QuartzCore. (Figure 2)


Figure 2

∙ Choose the Build Settings tab. Make sure the "All" button is selected (not "Basic") in the top left corner of the "Build Settings" screen. Use the "Search Bar" to find the "Header Search Path" option. Double click the Header Search Path row, a small box should appear. Click the "+" button and add the full path to the folder "src" inside the tapkulibrary on your disk drive. Leave the option default (do not use the "Recursive").

Search "Other Linker Flags" and add "-ObjC" using the same method above (-all_load is optional).