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d1c35025 »
2011-07-04 Syncing up.
1 = Foghorn =
2e7ea94d »
2011-06-11 New theme based on TwentyEleven by the WordPress Team.
6c26bd8e »
2011-08-07 Comment width on page at full width. Readme updates.
3 Foghorn is a minimalist theme built off the foundation of Twenty Eleven. It has a custom options panel for switching layouts, removing sidebars, uploading a logo, backgrounds, and changing footer text. It's design is responsive, meaning it looks good at any browser width including iPhones and other mobile devices. View the theme demo at
3ef6c93f »
2011-08-02 Readme changes and more options.
5 Foghorn is originally based on Twenty Eleven by the WordPress team, The theme icons were adapted from WordPress UI icons designed by Ben Dunkle.
7 The options panel requires the Options Framework plugin:
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