Bunch of suggestions to improve extensibility of Options Framework #29

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Documented here: http://julien-c.fr/2012/03/extending-options-framework/

Feel free to cherry pick what you merge.



Instead of a constant it might be better to filter this. Will look into it...

Opened this as it's own issue:

It won't get in this next release, but I'll keep it open.



Thanks. Will update.


If it's not a valid selector, it just defaults to the first tab. So I don't think this is necessarily a problem.


You'd need to hook in your own js anyways in order to do something when the trigger fires, so why not just set the trigger there or do a standard $('#my-tab').on('click, do_something() );


Hi Julien. Just going through some of these pull requests since I have a release coming up. I am going to close this pull request, but I re-opened the hardcoded references as its own issue: #77

Feel free to comment on any of the items I've mentioned.

Thanks again!

@devinsays devinsays closed this Dec 2, 2012
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