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Portfolio Press

Portfolio Press is a responsive theme for showcasing your photography, art, web sites, or other projects. It also works nicely as a regular blog site. Configuration options are available in the customizer. There's also support for the image, gallery and quote post formats. Visit the demo site or watch the video screencast for set up instructions.


WordPress projects always stand on the shoulders of others. Please take this theme and build upon it for you own work!

Portfolio was built on the solid foundation of Toolbox.


Translations can now be added through


  • Update: Remove custom favicon option (WordPress core now supports this).
  • Update: Move Customizer options under single "Theme Options" panel.
  • Update: Improve query syntax in portfolio templates.
  • Fix: Menu positioning option is available again in Customizer.

2.8.0 (12-26-2018)

  • Update: WordPress 5.0 Editor support.
  • Update: Minor increase in font sizes.
  • Fix: Javascript fix for menu detection (props @ogonkov).

2.7.3 (03-22-2018)

  • Update: Use latest Grunt packages.
  • Update: Improves UI of dismissable notices.
  • Update: Higher resolution screenshot.

2.7.2 (02-25-2016)

  • Fix: Image sizing for templates/portfolio.php and templates/full-width-portfolio.php
  • Fix: Image height/width attributes props @ogonkov.
  • Update: Set input font size to avoid zoom in iOS props @TomLany.
  • Update: Add theme support for title tag.
  • Update: Remove some backwards compatibility functions.


  • Fix: IE11 Footer Display
  • Update: Grunt task to update version


  • Update: Allow galleries to fill content width
  • Update: Use SVG for fallback images
  • Update: Change image sizes for better rending on mobile
  • Update: Add notice to regenerate thumbnails
  • Fix: Error on portfolio archive page


  • Move all options to the WordPress Customizer
  • Fix spelling error on options page (props @fxbenard)
  • Remove update routine for page templates
  • Better translations workflow (props @fxbenard)
  • Grunt task for SASS
  • Refactor CSS
  • Update form design
  • Update comment design
  • Add option to display post navigation
  • Upgrade notice moved to customizer
  • Show the content on search and author archives

Version 2.5.0

  • Add captions to image attachment pages
  • Posts per page notice fix
  • Remove upgrade routine from version 2.0
  • Refactor RTL styles
  • Fix browser resizing of certain images
  • Fix fullwidth image sizes with full-width-image-gallery-formats template
  • Update class-tgm-plugin-activation library
  • CSS Support for JetPack Sharing
  • Update options panel information and styling

Version 2.4.0

  • Add FitVids for better support of responsive video
  • More efficient font loading
  • Minor updates to comment-author and caption styling (props @TomLany)
  • Add descriptions to image attachment page

Version 2.3.0

  • Minor style update for portfolio title overlays
  • Update for translation files
  • Change z-index of menu drop drop down
  • Better support for 3 level menus
  • Update readme file to markdown
  • New template for images

Version 2.2.0

  • Make post format icon a link
  • Portuguese translations by Pedro Mendonca
  • Update for gallery styles
  • Update for table, list and definition styles
  • Enhancements for input styles (props @TomLany)
  • Update to enqueue base stylesheet
  • Remove javascript mod to hide page templates

Versions 2.1.0

  • Fix for three tier menus
  • Fix for Google font loading from https
  • Remove padding on logo for small screen
  • Hide featured images in blog layout if option is unchecked
  • Display archive titles and descriptions

Version 2.0.0

  • New menu styling
  • Portfolio templates and styles rebuilt
  • Support post formats in portfolio layout
  • Icon font
  • Single column is now 980px
  • Support Jetpack Carousel Module
  • Update gallery shortcode to HTML5 markup
  • Update styling for image captions

Version 1.8.0

  • Larger screenshot for WordPress 3.8
  • Compatibility update for Options Framework 1.7

Version 1.7.0

  • Show larger thumbnails on one-column layouts
  • Increase thumbnail sizes on regular layouts
  • Fix for max-width logo in Firefox
  • Show thumbnails on search pages

Version 1.6.0

  • Update $content_width on full page templates
  • Improvements for password protected portfolio posts
  • Normalize post meta
  • New portfoliopress_posts_per_page filter

Version 1.5.0

  • Add single portfolio post navigation back
  • Add fullwidth portfolio thumnail size
  • Max-width for iframe,embeds and objects
  • Better responsive menu
  • Author page displays posts and author description

Version 1.4.1

  • Fixed theme dependency on Options Framework plugin
  • Updated inline theme documentation

Version 1.4.0

  • Added box shadows to borders
  • Max-width for logo image
  • Update portfolio-large size to 640px
  • Remove prev/next post navigation on single posts and portfolio items
  • Add borders around post meta
  • Make the full width layout option max-width 780px
  • Update screenshot image for retina
  • Show titles and descriptions on portfolio taxonomy pages

Version 1.3.0

  • Fix for portfolio pages when single column selected
  • Allow image galleries to display in archives
  • Fix for plugin notices
  • Update thumbnail sizing (props @alexkunz)

Version 1.2.2

  • Fix for image alignment bug (introduced in 1.2)

Version 1.2.1

  • Fix for JS error that causes scripts to break

Version 1.2.0

  • Front end customizer support
  • Additional layout option (single column)
  • Better CSS for captions and images
  • Filterable titles
  • Upsell link for Portfolio+ on options page

Version 1.1.0

  • Responsive design
  • Updated styling

Version 1.0.0

  • Fix for search.php template
  • Fix for pagination in portfolio page template

Version 0.9.0

  • Paging bug fixes for portfolio items
  • Fix for missing blockquote image
  • Removed portfolio post type code
  • Replaced portfolio taxonomy templates with archive-portfolio
  • Renamed loop.php to content.php
  • Added post format support for quotes, images, and galleries
  • Renamed scripts files

Version 0.8.0

  • WordPress 3.1 or higher is now required
  • Updated Spanish translations from Eduardo Larequi
  • German translations added by Sandro Bauer
  • Added Russian translations from Alexander (
  • Removed Simple Custom Post Type Archives Plugin
  • Added support for Portfolio Post Type plugin
  • Updated overlay bug for full width portfolio
  • Simplified code for portfolio content
  • Added print stylesheet to style.css
  • Updated portfolio taxonomy tags
  • Added template for portfolio categories
  • Removed wp_title filtering

Version 0.7.5

  • Fixes menu placement option
  • Fixes menu styling for widget areas
  • Fixes styling in iOS devices
  • Fixes left column layout in portfolio pages
  • Updates icons in options panel
  • Fixes for comment display on single.php
  • Added option for displaying portfolio archives full width
  • Merged css reset into main stylesheet

Version 0.7.4

  • Paging bug fixes when portfolio is set as home page
  • Checkbox fixes for options panel
  • Styling changes to selected menu parent in drop down
  • Option for changing header color

Version 0.7.3

  • Better syntax for options conditionals
  • Minor style updates as recommended by WordPress Theme Team
  • Chinese translations by Sunny Lau
  • Updated Spanish Translations from Eduardo Larequi
  • Changed "current-page-parent" to "current-menu-parent" in css

Version 0.7.2

  • Changed image path in options.php back to get_bloginfo('template_url')
  • Deleted styles folder
  • Removed option to set portfolio as home. Better done through core..

Version 0.7.0

  • Major updates to the options panel
  • Minor updates to how Portfolio post type is set up
  • Update to screenshot image

Version 0.6.1

Version 0.6.0

  • Made further updates for WordPress 3.1 compatibility
  • Added options panel (props WooThemes)
  • Includes new options to upload logo, set menu position, update footer text, and more.

Version 0.5.3

  • Fixed pagination issue when portfolio template was set to home page
  • Added portfolio icon designed by Ben Dunkle, core WordPress designer, Field 2 design,
  • Added french translations from Wolforg at
  • Updated description to link to demonstration video and french translation note
  • Changed from type-portfolio.php to archive-portfolio.php in preparation for 3.1

Version 0.5.2

  • Added Spanish translations and the domain for backend localizations, props
  • For complete instructions in Spanish, read:
  • Added complete RTL stylesheet support
  • Updated to version 0.9.3 of the simple-custom-post-type-archives drop in plugin
  • Deleted title filter for custom post types in functions.php
  • Added password protection ability to portfolio post type templates
  • Added add_image_size( 'portfolio-large', 630, 9999, false ); because large images were being browser resized

Version 0.5.1

  • Updated the text domain for translations
  • Made the name change to "Portfolio Press" to comply with repo guidelines

Version 0.5.0

  • Added templates for full-width portfolio, and taxonomy portfolio-tags
  • Updated style.css for new templates and for full-width page template
  • Added additional thumbnail size for the full width portfolio templates

Version 0.4.4

  • Updated style.css and reset.css to have styling for sub & sup html tags + code, pre, dl, dt, dd, abbr, cite

Version 0.4.3

  • Updated style.css to have a clear on the .entry-utility
  • Updated the screenshot.png
  • Updated the theme description

Version 0.4.2

  • Updated style.css to properly align center images with captions
  • Updated style.css to better display very long post titles
  • Updated screenshot to reflect initial install (as per repository specs)

Version 0.4.1

  • Updated style.css to properly clear images when they are floated at the bottom of a post
  • Updated styles.css to apply a max-width of 640px to images in #content

Version 0.4.0

  • Changed title filter priority in simple-custom-post-type-archives.php
  • Added better handling for the Simple Custom Post Type Archives plugin
  • Updated the menu_postion for the portfolio post type
  • Combined the portfolio post type and custom taxonomy into the same init hook
  • Added better labels to the portfolio post type
  • Updated the hover states on the menu to use stop(true)
  • Added thumbnails and taxonomy tags to the column view for portfolio post type
  • Added an icon to the portfolio post type


A WordPress theme for artists and designers to showcase their work.




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