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Portfolio Press 1.2
- Front end customizer support
- Additional layout option (single column)
- Better CSS for captions and images
- Filterable titles
- Upsell link for Portfolio+ on options page
Portfolio Press 1.1
- Responsive design
- Updated styling
Portfolio Press 1.0
- Fix for search.php template
- Fix for pagination in portfolio page template
Portfolio Press 0.9
- Paging bug fixes for portfolio items
- Fix for missing blockquote image
- Removed portfolio post type code
- Replaced portfolio taxonomy templates with archive-portfolio
- Renamed loop.php to content.php
- Added post format support for quotes, images, and galleries
- Renamed scripts files
Portfolio Press 0.8
- WordPress 3.1 or higher is now required
- Updated Spanish translations from Eduardo Larequi
- German translations added by Sandro Bauer
- Added Russian translations from Alexander (
- Removed Simple Custom Post Type Archives Plugin
- Added support for Portfolio Post Type plugin
- Updated overlay bug for full width portfolio
- Simplified code for portfolio content
- Added print stylesheet to style.css
- Updated portfolio taxonomy tags
- Added template for portfolio categories
- Removed wp_title filtering
Portfolio Press 0.7.5
- Fixes menu placement option
- Fixes menu styling for widget areas
- Fixes styling in iOS devices
- Fixes left column layout in portfolio pages
- Updates icons in options panel
- Fixes for comment display on single.php
- Added option for displaying portfolio archives full width
- Merged css reset into main stylesheet
Portfolio Press 0.7.4
- Paging bug fixes when portfolio is set as home page
- Checkbox fixes for options panel
- Styling changes to selected menu parent in drop down
- Option for changing header color
Portfolio Press 0.7.3
- Better syntax for options conditionals
- Minor style updates as recommended by WordPress Theme Team
- Chinese translations by Sunny Lau
- Updated Spanish Translations from Eduardo Larequi
- Changed "current-page-parent" to "current-menu-parent" in css
Portfolio Press 0.7.2
- Changed image path in options.php back to get_bloginfo('template_url')
- Deleted styles folder
- Removed option to set portfolio as home. Better done through core..
Portfolio Press 0.7
- Major updates to the options panel
- Minor updates to how Portfolio post type is set up
- Update to screenshot image
Portfolio Press 0.6.1
- Added Norwegian translations from Erling Hamso -
- Minor update to the 404 page from Michael Fields -
Portfolio Press 0.6
- Made further updates for WordPress 3.1 compatibility
- Added options panel (props WooThemes)
- Includes new options to upload logo, set menu position, update footer text, and more.
Portfolio Press 0.5.3
- Fixed pagination issue when portfolio template was set to home page
- Added portfolio icon designed by Ben Dunkle, core WordPress designer, Field 2 design,
- Added french translations from Wolforg at
- Updated description to link to demonstration video and french translation note
- Changed from type-portfolio.php to archive-portfolio.php in preparation for 3.1
Portfolio Press 0.5.2
- Added Spanish translations and the domain for backend localizations, props
- For complete instructions in Spanish, read:
- Added complete RTL stylesheet support
- Updated to version 0.9.3 of the simple-custom-post-type-archives drop in plugin
- Deleted title filter for custom post types in functions.php
- Added password protection ability to portfolio post type templates
- Added add_image_size( 'portfolio-large', 630, 9999, false ); because large images were being browser resized
Portfolio Press 0.5.1
- Updated the text domain for translations
- Made the name change to "Portfolio Press" to comply with repo guidelines
Portfolio Press 0.5
- Added templates for full-width portfolio, and taxonomy portfolio-tags
- Updated style.css for new templates and for full-width page template
- Added additional thumbnail size for the full width portfolio templates
Portfolio Press 0.44
- Updated style.css and reset.css to have styling for sub & sup html tags + code, pre, dl, dt, dd, abbr, cite
Portfolio Press 0.43
- Updated style.css to have a clear on the .entry-utility
- Updated the screenshot.png
- Updated the theme description
Portfolio Press 0.42
- Updated style.css to properly align center images with captions
- Updated style.css to better display very long post titles
- Updated screenshot to reflect initial install (as per repository specs)
Portfolio Press 0.41
- Updated style.css to properly clear images when they are floated at the bottom of a post
- Updated styles.css to apply a max-width of 640px to images in #content
Portfolio Press 0.4
- Changed title filter priority in simple-custom-post-type-archives.php
- Added better handling for the Simple Custom Post Type Archives plugin
- Updated the menu_postion for the portfolio post type
- Combined the portfolio post type and custom taxonomy into the same init hook
- Added better labels to the portfolio post type
- Updated the hover states on the menu to use stop(true)
- Added thumbnails and taxonomy tags to the column view for portfolio post type
- Added an icon to the portfolio post type
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