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Visual is a well-crafted responsive WordPress theme designed to showcase images, artwork and photgraphy in a smart grid layout.

Installation Instructions

This theme can be installed under "Appearance" > "Themes". Click on the "Add New" button to upload the theme zip file.

Developer Instructions


This theme uses Grunt to compile SASS and Javascript. It also generates translation files, autoprefixes styles, and concats and minifies scripts.

If you have Grunt installed, just run npm install in the theme directory to download dependencies.

grunt watch can be used while editing SASS and JS. grunt release should be used before browser testing or releasing.



This theme makes use of several libraries and scripts built by others. A big thanks to everyone who has worked on these projects:

Visual was built off the foundation of Underscores (_s):


Icon Fonts:

Icon glyphs packaged with Fontello

Change Log

Complete list of commits can be found at:

1.3.2 (10-25-2016)

  • Bugfix: Wonky menu display (visuallyhidden classes not set correctly)
  • Update: Remove language files

1.3.1 (09-25-2016)

  • Update: Support WordPress 'title-tag'
  • Update: Sanitization callbacks on Customizer settings

1.3.0 (09-11-2016)

  • Translation: Finnish (fi) - Sami Keijonen
  • Translation: French (fr_FR) - FxB
  • Translation: Portuguese (pt_BR) - Dionizio Bonfim Bach
  • Update: Refactor javascript, use WordPress version of Masonry
  • Update: Support WordPress 'title-tag'
  • Update: Sanitization callbacks on Customizer settings


  • Update to use grunt workflow
  • Support HTML5 markup for comments, search, and gallery
  • Fix for styling of alternate input types [email]
  • Fix for wide gutters at 790px-820px in masonry
  • Better compatibility with long site titles
  • Improved RTL compatibility


  • Fix developer notice when excerpt option not set
  • Fix mobile menu when wpadminbar is visible
  • Remove navigation walker
  • Better support for tweet embeds in masonry layout
  • Update screenshot
  • Update theme tags
  • Remove stylesheet options that are no longer in theme


  • Better Jetpack infinite scroll reloading
  • Fix theme warning when $meta_text was undefined
  • Remove unused images
  • Simplify comments-link markup


  • Remove light.css from codebase
  • Add featured images to the RSS feeds
  • Added RTL stylesheet


  • Sticky footer
  • Fix for styles notice


  • Update entry-summary styles on search page
  • Update widget title styles
  • Update 404 page widget styling
  • Option to display full content or excerpts on archives


  • Display full content by default on archives
  • Added full-width page template
  • Replace Options Framework with theme customizer
  • Remove color palette option unless alternate is in use


  • Updates for widget padding
  • Fix for masonry margins
  • Better menus for small screen sizes


  • Included Options Framework library directly in theme
  • Support for Jetpack Infinite Scroll


  • Added options panel
  • Added multiple style options (dark, light, minimal)
  • Added option for footer text
  • Removed image lazy loading
  • Update SASS files to use bourbon
  • Bugfix for responsive menus
  • Added .pot file for translations


  • Style update for pre tags
  • Updates readme.txt to link to licenses


  • New screenshot
  • Updated theme URI
  • Better support for fallback menus


  • Added Icon font Entypo
  • Lazy load of images in masonry layout
  • Updates to archive, search and 404 templates
  • Design polish


  • Initial submission to
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