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The first thing you'll see when you launch Clojure Box is the read-eval-print
loop (REPL). Start typing Clojure expressions and you're on your way!
If you're new to Emacs, check out the built in tutorial by typing C-h t
(Control+h and then t). Emacs has all kinds of commands. You can run any
command by typing M-x (Alt-x) and typing the name. Here are some of the most
useful commands to get you started:
Open a file (find-file is the Emacs function): C-x C-f
Save a file (save-buffer): C-x C-s
Switch to another open buffer (iswitchb): C-x b
Close Emacs (kill-emacs): C-x C-c
Restart the REPL with src, classes, and lib/*.jar on the classpath: M-x
Keyboard help: C-h k
In the REPL you can use M-p and M-n to cycle up and down across previous
Once you start typing code in .clj files instead of the REPL, you'll want to
evaluate code in the REPL from the files' buffers. Have a look at the Slime
menu or check the keyboard help for C-x C-e, C-M-x, and C-c C-l. You can
quickly switch to the REPL buffer with C-c C-z. Be sure to check out M-. to
jump to the source definition of the symbol under the cursor!