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@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ by the [[][Lispbox]]: you simply install and
and all the syntax highlighting and editing goodies from clojure-mode and
Slime, plus all the power of Emacs under the hood.
* Requirements
All you need is Java 1.5 or later. If Clojure Box can find java.exe on your
@@ -18,16 +19,14 @@ system (usually it's in c:\windows\system32), it provides the rest.
* Download
+[[file:clojure-box-1.0-setup.exe][Clojure Box 1.0]], published May 9, 2009, built with the official Clojure
+1.0 release.
[[file:clojure-box-20090320-setup.exe][Clojure Box 20090320]], published April 8, 2009, built with the official Clojure
20090320 release.
-[[file:clojure-box-r1327-1-setup.exe][Clojure Box setup from source]], published March 11, 2009, matching Clojure svn
-r1327. This release contains [[][lazier Clojure]], which removes lazy-cons and adds
[[file:previous/clojure-box-r1235-setup.exe][Last release before lazier Clojure]], published February 1, 2009, matching
-Clojure svn r1235
+Clojure svn r1235. This release contains lazy-cons and lazy-seq, which [[][lazier Clojure]] removed.
[[./previous][Older versions]]
@@ -42,13 +41,12 @@ Clojure Box consists of these components:
- [[][clojure-mode]]
- [[][swank-clojure]]
- [[][Slime]]
+- [[][Paredit]]
Thanks to all the developers of these excellent packages!
* Contact
The Clojure Box installer is maintained by Shawn Hoover. I [[][welcome comments]]
-about the package. (And CSS contributions
-for this page!)
+about the package. (And CSS contributions for this page!)

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