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Detergent - An emulsifying Erlang SOAP library

Detergent helps make SOAP interactions in Erlang uhh... cleaner (pun totally intended)!


Most code in Detergent was originally extracted from the SOAP implementation in Yaws, the idea being to make this more readily available without having to install Yaws itself.

There are obviously changes in Detergent that make it different from the Yaws implementation, and these will continue. Hopefully these changes make Detergent easier to use.


Detergent depends on the excellent Erlsom library for all XML interactions. Erlsom takes away quite a bit of the pain of working with XML.


Detergent uses rebar for building and wraps it i a Makefile for convenience.

First clone Detergent from GitHub:

$ git clone git://

Then change into the newly created directory:

$ cd detergent

And make:

$ make

Rebar will first pull in Erlsom as a dependency from GitHub, attempt to build it, then build Detergent.


To test your Detergent build, start an Erlang shell and run the detergent:qtest/0 function.

The qtest/0 function attempts to call a web service at to retrieve the weather repeat for Boston.

$ erl -pa deps/erlsom/ebin ebin
> inets:start().
> detergent:qtest().


Most code is copyright (c) 2006 by Claes Wikstrom and you can find his license in LICENSE.

Anything else is provided under public domain which you can learn more about in UNLICENSE.

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