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@@ -7,13 +7,13 @@ defmodule Dynamo.Router.Filters do
While callbacks are executed only if a route match, filters are always
executed. Callbacks also abort in case a response is set, while filters
do not halt their execution. In other words, filters are a more low-level
- mechanism, with no conveniences compared to callbacks.
+ mechanism, with less conveniences compared to callbacks.
- There is also a difference about ordering. While filters are invoked in
- the order they are declared, regardless of their behavior, callbacks
+ There is also a difference regarding ordering. While filters are invoked
+ in the order they are declared, regardless of their behaviour, callbacks
always execute prepare callbacks first, followed by the finalize ones.
- ## Examples
+ ## Usage
defmodule MyApp do
use Dynamo.Router
@@ -28,6 +28,34 @@ defmodule Dynamo.Router.Filters do
* `service/2` - the filter will be executed with the service function as argument
* `finalize/1` - the filter will be executed after invoking the service
+ ## Examples
+ A filter that adds a Chrome Frame header to the response:
+ defmodule ChromeFrameFilter do
+ def prepare(conn) do
+ conn.set_resp_header("X-UA-Compatible", "chrome=1")
+ end
+ end
+ Notice the filter receives a `conn` as argument and must return an
+ updated `conn`. A finalize filter works similarly.
+ A service filter receives and must return a `conn`, but it also
+ receives a function which should be invoked in order to continue
+ the request. Here is a filter that sets the content type to json
+ and converts the response body to valid json:
+ defmodule JSONFilter do
+ def service(conn, fun) do
+ conn = conn.set_resp_header("Content-Type", "application/json")
+ conn = fun.(conn)
+ conn.resp(conn.status, to_json(conn.resp_body))
+ end
+ def to_json(data), do: ...
+ end
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