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Use the Logger PID to avoid race conditions on shutdown, closes #2628

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1 parent 52be06c commit b9000999c939a4ef129eb75b9130560dfcfe3c51 @josevalim josevalim committed Aug 4, 2014
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  1. +20 −15 lib/logger/lib/logger/error_handler.ex
@@ -6,7 +6,12 @@ defmodule Logger.ErrorHandler do
require Logger
def init({otp?, threshold}) do
- {:ok, %{otp: otp?, threshold: threshold,
+ # We store the logger PID in the state because when we are shutting
+ # down the Logger application, the Logger process may be terminated
+ # and then trying to reach it will lead to crashes. So we send a
+ # message to a PID, instead of named process, to avoid crashes on
+ # send since this handler will be removed soon by the supervisor.
+ {:ok, %{otp: otp?, threshold: threshold, logger: Process.whereis(Logger),
last_length: 0, last_time: :os.timestamp, dropped: 0}}
@@ -24,25 +29,25 @@ defmodule Logger.ErrorHandler do
## Helpers
- defp log_event({:error, _gl, {pid, format, data}}, %{otp: true}),
- do: log_event(:error, :format, pid, {format, data})
- defp log_event({:error_report, _gl, {pid, :std_error, format}}, %{otp: true}),
- do: log_event(:error, :report, pid, {:std_error, format})
+ defp log_event({:error, _gl, {pid, format, data}}, %{otp: true} = state),
+ do: log_event(:error, :format, pid, {format, data}, state)
+ defp log_event({:error_report, _gl, {pid, :std_error, format}}, %{otp: true} = state),
+ do: log_event(:error, :report, pid, {:std_error, format}, state)
- defp log_event({:warning_msg, _gl, {pid, format, data}}, %{otp: true}),
- do: log_event(:warn, :format, pid, {format, data})
- defp log_event({:warning_report, _gl, {pid, :std_warning, format}}, %{otp: true}),
- do: log_event(:warn, :report, pid, {:std_warning, format})
+ defp log_event({:warning_msg, _gl, {pid, format, data}}, %{otp: true} = state),
+ do: log_event(:warn, :format, pid, {format, data}, state)
+ defp log_event({:warning_report, _gl, {pid, :std_warning, format}}, %{otp: true} = state),
+ do: log_event(:warn, :report, pid, {:std_warning, format}, state)
- defp log_event({:info_msg, _gl, {pid, format, data}}, %{otp: true}),
- do: log_event(:info, :format, pid, {format, data})
- defp log_event({:info_report, _gl, {pid, :std_info, format}}, %{otp: true}),
- do: log_event(:info, :report, pid, {:std_info, format})
+ defp log_event({:info_msg, _gl, {pid, format, data}}, %{otp: true} = state),
+ do: log_event(:info, :format, pid, {format, data}, state)
+ defp log_event({:info_report, _gl, {pid, :std_info, format}}, %{otp: true} = state),
+ do: log_event(:info, :report, pid, {:std_info, format}, state)
defp log_event(_, _state),
do: :ok
- defp log_event(level, kind, pid, data) do
+ defp log_event(level, kind, pid, data, state) do
%{level: min_level, truncate: truncate,
utc_log: utc_log?, translators: translators} = Logger.Config.__data__
@@ -51,7 +56,7 @@ defmodule Logger.ErrorHandler do
message = Logger.Utils.truncate(message, truncate)
# Mode is always async to avoid clogging the error_logger
- GenEvent.notify(Logger,
+ GenEvent.notify(state.logger,
{level, Process.group_leader(),
{Logger, message, Logger.Utils.timestamp(utc_log?), [pid: ensure_pid(pid)]}})

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