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defmodule Markdown do
@moduledoc """
Markdown to HTML conversion.
@on_load { :init, 0 }
app = Mix.Project.config[:app]
def init do
path = :filename.join(:code.priv_dir(unquote(app)), 'markdown')
:ok = :erlang.load_nif(path, 0)
@doc ~S"""
Converts a Markdown document to HTML:
iex> Markdown.to_html "# Hello World"
"<h1>Hello World</h1>\n"
iex> Markdown.to_html "", autolink: true
"<p><a href=\"\"></a></p>\n"
Available output options:
* `:tables` - Enables Markdown Extra style tables (default: `false`)
* `:fenced_code` - Enables fenced code blocks (default: `false`)
* `:autolink` - Automatically turn URLs into links (default: `false`)
@spec to_html(doc :: String.t) :: String.t
@spec to_html(doc :: String.t, options :: Keyword.t) :: String.t
def to_html(doc, options \\ [])
def to_html(_, _) do
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