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Poolboy - A hunky Erlang worker pool factory


Worker = poolboy:checkout(PoolName),
Reply = gen_server:call(Worker, WorkerFun),
poolboy:checkin(PoolName, Worker),

Example Application

{application, example, [
    {description, "An example application"},
    {vsn, "0.1"},
    {applications, [kernel, stdlib, sasl, crypto, ssl]},
    {modules, [example, example_worker]},
    {registered, [example]},
    {mod, {example, []}},
    {env, [
        {pools, [
            {pool1, [
                {pool_size, 10},
                {max_overflow, 20},
                {hostname, ""},
                {database, "db1"},
                {username, "db1"},
                {password, "abc123"}
            {pool2, [
                {pool_size, 5},
                {max_overflow, 10},
                {hostname, ""},
                {database, "db2"},
                {username, "db2"},
                {password, "abc123"}



-export([start/0, stop/0, start/2, stop/1, init/1, squery/2, equery/3]).

start() -> application:start(?MODULE).
stop()  -> application:stop(?MODULE).

start(_Type, _Args) ->
    supervisor:start_link({local, example_sup}, ?MODULE, []).
stop(_State) -> ok.

init([]) ->
    {ok, Pools} = application:get_env(example, pools),
    PoolSpecs = lists:map(fun({PoolName, PoolConfig}) ->
        Args = [{name, {local, PoolName}},
                {worker_module, example_worker}]
                ++ PoolConfig,
        {PoolName, {poolboy, start_link, [Args]},
                    permanent, 5000, worker, [poolboy]}
    end, Pools),
    {ok, {{one_for_all, 10, 10}, PoolSpecs}}.

squery(PoolName, Sql) ->
    Worker = poolboy:checkout(PoolName),
    Reply = gen_server:call(Worker, {squery, Sql}),
    poolboy:checkin(PoolName, Worker),

equery(PoolName, Stmt, Params) ->
    Worker = poolboy:checkout(PoolName),
    Reply = gen_server:call(Worker, {equery, Stmt, Params}),
    poolboy:checkin(PoolName, Worker),



-export([start_link/1, stop/0, init/1, handle_call/3, handle_cast/2,
         handle_info/2, terminate/2, code_change/3]).

-record(state, {conn}).

start_link(Args) -> gen_server:start_link(?MODULE, Args, []).
stop() -> gen_server:cast(?MODULE, stop).

init(Args) ->
    process_flag(trap_exit, true),
    Hostname = proplists:get_value(hostname, Args),
    Database = proplists:get_value(database, Args),
    Username = proplists:get_value(username, Args),
    Password = proplists:get_value(password, Args),
    {ok, Conn} = pgsql:connect(Hostname, Username, Password, [
        {database, Database}
    {ok, #state{conn=Conn}}.

handle_call({squery, Sql}, _From, #state{conn=Conn}=State) ->
    {reply, pgsql:squery(Conn, Sql), State};
handle_call({equery, Stmt, Params}, _From, #state{conn=Conn}=State) ->
    {reply, pgsql:equery(Conn, Stmt, Params), State};
handle_call(_Request, _From, State) ->
    {reply, ok, State}.

handle_cast(_Msg, State) ->
    {noreply, State}.

handle_info(stop, State) ->
    {stop, shutdown, State};
handle_info({'EXIT', _, _}, State) ->
    {stop, shutdown, State};
handle_info(_Info, State) ->
    {noreply, State}.

terminate(_Reason, #state{conn=Conn}) ->

code_change(_OldVsn, State, _Extra) ->
    {ok, State}.


  • name: the pool name
  • worker_module: the module that represents the workers
  • size: maximum pool size
  • max_overflow: maximum number of workers created if pool is empty



Poolboy is available in the public domain (see UNLICENSE). Poolboy is also available under the Apache License (see LICENSE), meant especially for jurisdictions that do not recognize public domain works.

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