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Kill orphaned workers and prune monitor state space. #4

merged 3 commits into from Sep 30, 2011

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If a process checks out a worker and then dies, the DOWN message dismisses the worker without regard for the pool state. This can leave a pool with too few workers. There are also places where monitors are not removed from state. This branch fixes both problems, adds a new test, and adds monitor state checking to other tests.


Sorry for the mess... I'm still green at git.

@skeltoac skeltoac Fix demonitored pids being left in state space and check monitor list…
… length in all tests. Add user_death test to check that an orphaned worker is killed when a monitored user is reported 'DOWN'.
devinus commented Sep 30, 2011

Looking into this as well...

@devinus devinus merged commit d27c012 into devinus:master Sep 30, 2011
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