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SCXIB - Interface Builder for the Web

SCXIB (pronounced ska-zib) grew out of the desire to use Interface Builder as a design tool for SproutCore applications.

View the Demo Video

How to use SCXIB

On-the-fly Application Loading

Transform XIB files for your SproutCore application to load and use during development:

SCXIB.loadXibWithOptions(sc_static('MainPage.xib'), {
  namespace: DemoApp.NAMESPACE,
  pageName: 'mainPage',
  callback: function () {

XIB to JavaScript

Transform a XIB file into a JavaScript file for your SproutCore application using a command line tool: ./bin/scxib -namespace DemoApp -page mainPage apps/demo_app/resources/MainPage.xib


  • Interface Builder for XCode 3.2.x
  • SproutCore

Current Class Mappings

  • NSWindow -> SC.Page
  • NSPanel -> SC.Panel
  • NSView -> SC.View
  • NSCustomView -> your app's custom view name
  • NSLabel -> SC.LabelView
  • NSTextField -> SC.TextFieldView
  • NSSplitView -> SC.SplitView
  • IKImageView -> SC.ImageView
  • NSCheckBox -> SC.CheckBoxView
  • NSButton -> SC.ButtonView
  • NSPopUpButton -> SC.SelectFieldView
  • NSSlider -> SC.SliderView
  • NSProgressIndicator -> SC.ProgressView (Preliminary, only indeterminate and minimum value / current value are being ignored)
  • NSSegmentedControl -> SC.SegmentedView
  • NSCollectionView -> SC.ListView
  • NSOutlineView -> SC.SourceListView
  • NSScrollView -> SC.ScrollView
  • NSWebView -> SC.WebView
  • NSMatrix -> SC.RadioView
  • NSTabView -> SC.TabView
  • NSTableView -> SC.TableView (Requires Sproutcore 1.4+)
  • NSBox Horizontal/Vertical -> SC.SeparatorView:layoutDirection SC.LAYOUT_HORIZONTAL/SC.LAYOUT_VERTICAL

Class Documentation

If you want to bind ListViews or TableViews to objects, you need to set a couple of different runtime parameters, as these bindings are currently not realized using the IB bindings tab. Here's a documentation of specific attributes for these objects:

NSCollectionView / SC.ListView:

  • exampleView: Can either be set as a runtime parameter, or subclassing an NSCollectionViewItem to the SproutCore item name.

NSTableView / SC.TableView:

  • Support for NSTableView is preliminary. Many of the IB Flags aren't supported yet.
  • exampleView: Mandatory. Set it as a runtime parameter. You have to set this, even if you did not subclass in SC: exampleView: SC.TableRowView
  • row Key: The 'Identifier' field in the 'Table Column Attributes' Tab of the IB Inspector
  • row Label: The 'Title' field in the 'Table Column Attributes' Tab of the IB Inspector