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=== Welcome to the Sproutcore-UI (SCUI) Library: ===
This is a basic library for some great native Sproutcore UI functionality includes views, panes, mixins and objects.
- Foundation:
[ALPHA] Basic View and Mixin framework that has general oriented UI treatments that are helpful
- Calendar:
[BETA] Basic Calendar Functionality: Datepicker, CalendarView
- Dashboard:
[EXPERIMENTAL] Develop the OSX/Windows 7 Freeform Dashboard, very early stages with lots of bugs
- Drawing
[ALPHA] Basic drawing framework that uses the canvas tag, SVG to be added soon.
- LinkIt
[BETA] Complex framework for building directed and non-directed graphs much like Yahoo Pipes and WireIt
- Sai
[ALPHA] A set of wrapping views for Raphael.js
In your frameworks directory, run:
git clone git:// scui
Main Architect: Evin Grano
- Mike Ball
- Peter Bergstrom
- Jonathan Lewis
- Josh Holt
- Mohammed Taher
- Michael Harris
- Brandon Blatnick
- Devin Torres
- Ryan Mudryk
- Renat Zubairov
- Dashboard
- Harden the Dashboard Functionality
=== LICENSE ===
Sproutcore-UI is under the MIT License