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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Module to talk to EtherpadLite API."""
import json
import urllib
import urllib2
class EtherpadLiteClient:
"""Client to talk to EtherpadLite API."""
API_VERSION = 1 # TODO probably 1.1 sometime soon
apiKey = ""
baseUrl = "http://localhost:9001/api"
def __init__(self, apiKey=None, baseUrl=None):
if apiKey:
self.apiKey = apiKey
if baseUrl:
self.baseUrl = baseUrl
def call(self, function, arguments=None):
"""Create a dictionary of all parameters"""
url = '%s/%d/%s' % (self.baseUrl, self.API_VERSION, function)
params = arguments or {}
params.update({'apikey': self.apiKey})
data = urllib.urlencode(params, True)
opener = urllib2.build_opener()
request = urllib2.Request(url=url, data=data)
response =, timeout=self.TIMEOUT)
result =
except urllib2.HTTPError:
result = json.loads(result)
if result is None:
raise ValueError("JSON response could not be decoded")
return self.handleResult(result)
def handleResult(self, result):
"""Handle API call result"""
if 'code' not in result:
raise Exception("API response has no code")
if 'message' not in result:
raise Exception("API response has no message")
if 'data' not in result:
result['data'] = None
if result['code'] == self.CODE_OK:
return result['data']
elif result['code'] == self.CODE_INVALID_PARAMETERS or result['code'] == self.CODE_INVALID_API_KEY:
raise ValueError(result['message'])
elif result['code'] == self.CODE_INTERNAL_ERROR:
raise Exception(result['message'])
elif result['code'] == self.CODE_INVALID_FUNCTION:
raise Exception(result['message'])
raise Exception("An unexpected error occurred whilst handling the response")
# Pads can belong to a group. There will always be public pads that do not belong to a group (or we give this group the id 0)
def createGroup(self):
"""creates a new group"""
def createGroupIfNotExistsFor(self, groupMapper):
"""this functions helps you to map your application group ids to etherpad lite group ids"""
return"createGroupIfNotExistsFor", {
"groupMapper": groupMapper
def deleteGroup(self, groupID):
"""deletes a group"""
return"deleteGroup", {
"groupID": groupID
def listPads(self, groupID):
"""returns all pads of this group"""
return"listPads", {
"groupID": groupID
def createGroupPad(self, groupID, padName, text=''):
"""creates a new pad in this group"""
params = {
"groupID": groupID,
"padName": padName,
if text:
params['text'] = text
return"createGroupPad", params)
# Theses authors are bind to the attributes the users choose (color and name).
def createAuthor(self, name=''):
"""creates a new author"""
params = {}
if name:
params['name'] = name
return"createAuthor", params)
def createAuthorIfNotExistsFor(self, authorMapper, name=''):
"""this functions helps you to map your application author ids to etherpad lite author ids"""
params = {
'authorMapper': authorMapper
if name:
params['name'] = name
return"createAuthorIfNotExistsFor", params)
# Sessions can be created between a group and a author. This allows
# an author to access more than one group. The sessionID will be set as
# a cookie to the client and is valid until a certain date.
def createSession(self, groupID, authorID, validUntil):
"""creates a new session"""
return"createSession", {
"groupID": groupID,
"authorID": authorID,
"validUntil": validUntil
def deleteSession(self, sessionID):
"""deletes a session"""
return"deleteSession", {
"sessionID": sessionID
def getSessionInfo(self, sessionID):
"""returns informations about a session"""
return"getSessionInfo", {
"sessionID": sessionID
def listSessionsOfGroup(self, groupID):
"""returns all sessions of a group"""
return"listSessionsOfGroup", {
"groupID": groupID
def listSessionsOfAuthor(self, authorID):
"""returns all sessions of an author"""
return"listSessionsOfAuthor", {
"authorID": authorID
# Pad content can be updated and retrieved through the API
def getText(self, padID, rev=None):
"""returns the text of a pad"""
params = {"padID": padID}
if rev is not None:
params['rev'] = rev
return"getText", params)
# introduced with pull request merge
def getHtml(self, padID, rev=None):
"""returns the html of a pad"""
params = {"padID": padID}
if rev is not None:
params['rev'] = rev
return"getHTML", params)
def setText(self, padID, text):
"""sets the text of a pad"""
return"setText", {
"padID": padID,
"text": text
def setHtml(self, padID, html):
"""sets the text of a pad from html"""
return"setHTML", {
"padID": padID,
"html": html
# Group pads are normal pads, but with the name schema
# GROUPID$PADNAME. A security manager controls access of them and its
# forbidden for normal pads to include a in the name.
def createPad(self, padID, text=''):
"""creates a new pad"""
params = {
"padID": padID,
if text:
params['text'] = text
return"createPad", params)
def getRevisionsCount(self, padID):
"""returns the number of revisions of this pad"""
return"getRevisionsCount", {
"padID": padID
def deletePad(self, padID):
"""deletes a pad"""
return"deletePad", {
"padID": padID
def getReadOnlyID(self, padID):
"""returns the read only link of a pad"""
return"getReadOnlyID", {
"padID": padID
def setPublicStatus(self, padID, publicStatus):
"""sets a boolean for the public status of a pad"""
return"setPublicStatus", {
"padID": padID,
"publicStatus": publicStatus
def getPublicStatus(self, padID):
"""return true of false"""
return"getPublicStatus", {
"padID": padID
def setPassword(self, padID, password):
"""returns ok or a error message"""
return"setPassword", {
"padID": padID,
"password": password
def isPasswordProtected(self, padID):
"""returns true or false"""
return"isPasswordProtected", {
"padID": padID
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