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== TODO - From Dr Nic ==
- Call Generate Script - dynamically load generator names (bin/generate.rb)
== TODO - From Duane ==
- Let RailsPath recognize application.rb as a controller
- Remove extraneous dirname from setting each RUBYLIB -- remove from plugins too?
- License for footnotes?
- Chop rails_root from inline-partial-edit-mode's partial names
- Use <div> instead of <!-- --> for inline-partial-edit-mode? May allow for folding.
- Remove indentation from partials during create-partial-from-selection
- Add indentation to partials when entering inline-partial-edit-mode
- Add indentation to erb fragment that replaces the partials after create-partial-from-selection
- Intelligent Go To File needs to look for rxml and rjs files
- pop up window asking for filename on create (if view doesn't exist, for example)
- Fix inline-partial mode for rjs files (<!-- style comments don't work well in ruby code)
- Use scope hints to make more intelligent actions:
- e.g. if inside source.css.embedded.html create a css file instead of a partial with create-from-selection
- source.ruby.rails: unit tests, controllers, models
- Make the backtracer find "extracted source" lines as well [done]
- Make go-to-file go to unit test (esp. from models)
- List common rake tasks in a pop-up menu and execute? db_schema_import db_schema_dump migrate
- Jump to environment.rb, database.yml