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Enable a teacher to share: Activity/Resource, Topic/Module, with a shared global course, with a colleague and with her/himself (other courses they teach)
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Share With local plugin

Version 3.6, release 1 - 2019.04.17

The "master" branch is no longer compatible with Moodle 3.5 or latter.

Change Log

  • 3.6, release 1 2019.04.17
  • 3.7, release 2 2019.05.03


This plugin allow to teachers share: Courses, Activity/Resource, Topic/Module to other teachers.

  1. Teacher can share activities to other teachers.
  2. Teacher can copy course to category if he has permission.
  3. Teacher can copy activity to specific topic.
  4. Teacher can copy topic with activities to specific course. view

Share activities flow - Teacher send activity to others

Share Activity

Copy items flow - Teacher duplicate items

Copy Activity

Next Features

  1. Share activity to bank of activities.


Moodle version: Moodle 3.6+


GPL v3 -


Was developed by DevLion. Was designed and funded by the Department of science teaching at the Weizmann institute of science, israel. And developed for the PeTeL - personalized teaching and learning envirunment ( EN ) and based on [Sharing Cart Plugin] ).

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