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Daniel Cazzulino sponsorship organization, a.k.a. @kzu.

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  1. GitInfo Public

    Git and SemVer Info from MSBuild, C# and VB

    Pascal 387 66

  2. Create, edit and run multiple C# 9.0 top-level programs in the same project by just selecting the startup program from the start button.

    C# 242 12

  3. Exposes project and assembly level information as constants in the ThisAssembly class using source generators powered by Roslyn.

    C# 205 11

  4. A simple to understand packing model for authoring NuGet packages

    C# 190 4

  5. avatar Public

    A modern compile-time generated interception/proxy library

    C# 112 9

  6. NuDoq Public

    A standalone API to read .NET XML documentation files and optionally augment it with reflection information.

    C# 96 16



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