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Your age.

Link to extension in chrome web store



Enter birthday on first use to see age.


Displays vertical view of bookmarks in the top right corner.

To select a bookmark either click or focus on the page and press the key of the the number to the left of the bookmark. Note: focusing the page is just tab in my browser (chrome on linux).

All bookmarks in a folder can also be opened by middle clicking the folder, presing spacebar before pressing the folder's key, or using the bookmark in position 0 to open all for the current folder.

Right clicking on bookmarks displays a context menu with the option to delete the bookmark.

TODO (reasons for forking)

  • Fix wiggling back and forth of age text
  • Add optional access to bookmarks
    • Display clickable shortcuts with favicons
    • Add hotkeys to open shortcuts
    • Support more than 10 bookmarks
    • Add navigatng down into bookmark folders
    • Add "open all bookmarks" in a folder
    • Make up-one-level use up arrow
    • Add editing
    • Add dragging to reorder bookmarks
    • Listen to all changes of bookmarks and update, live!
    • Make bookmark display/permissions optional (via settings)
  • Add settings to change colors of background, text, etc.
  • Persist settings and age across devices using storage api

Fork of maccman/motivation