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Distributed .NET Core


What is Distributed .NET Core?

It's an open source project (and a course available soon at, providing in-depth knowledge about building microservices using .NET Core framework and variety of tools. One of the goals, was to create a cloud agnostic solution, that you shall be able to run anywhere.

We encourage you to join our Discourse forum available at

For this particular course, please have a look at the topics being discussed under this category.

What is DShop.Api?

DShop.Services.Discounts is a microservice designed for the discounts bounded context DShop solution.

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How to start the application?

Service can be started locally via dotnet run (executed in the /src/DShop.Services.Discounts directory) or ./scripts/ shell script, by default it will be available under http://localhost:5000.

You can also run the application using Docker docker run --name discounts-service -p 5000:5000 --network dshop-network devmentors/ (include -d to run the container in the background).

It is required to have the basic infrastructure up and running first (RabbitMQ, MongoDB and Redis) in the same docker network named dshop-network. Services can be started using Docker Compose (and this file) as described here.


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