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• Use the wordnik api to pick a random word (play around with the api params to get reasonable words)

• Scramble it and show the scrambled word to the user

• Take in keyboard input to type out the unscrambled word (you shouldn't have to use the mouse at all)

• Spend some time on the design and usability (CSS transitions are awesome)

• Try to keep the code simple and clean

• Supports anagrams (if the "correct" word is "evil" then it should also accept "live" as correct)


To play the scramble game:

Live version


  1. clone the git repository
  2. cd into the file directory
  3. From terminal run:
   git clone
   cd scramblegame
   python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8000
  1. Visit localhost:8000

To test the game, open the console and you can see the unscrambled word