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(Note: repository is now available on both github at https://github.com/remleduff/CinC and bitbucket at https://bitbucket.org/remleduff/cinc)

Clojure in Clojure (pre-pre-pre-alpha)

For now the only dependencies are asm-4.0 and clojure-1.3

To get started:

Start your repl of choice (ie, lein repl)

=>(use 'clojure.compiler)

user=> (pprint (clojure.analyzer/analyze '(+ 1 2)))

{...ast is printed...}

user=> (pprint (process-frames (clojure.analyzer/analyze '(+ 1 2))))

{...ast is printed..., additional information is attached to nodes in the AST where classes are generated for use in emitting bytecode}

user=> (eval '(+ 1 2))


user=> (eval '(+ 1 2) :trace true)

... textual representation of the class is printed

user=> (eval '(+ 1 2) :trace true :check true)

... textual representation of the class is printed and additional verification is done by ASMStart typing in the blue box...