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Release History


  • Merge fixes from @maxweber for form-helpers namespace
  • Implement IFormHelper for WebDriver class
  • Clean up if/when usage
  • Change default quoting of XPath queries to use double quotes


  • Limit use of cache to when caching is enabled
  • Fix functions that check cache as an intermediate step, ensuring they still return proper values
  • Add suite of tests for driver that doesn't use caching


  • Upgrade dependency for clache, since the 0.7.0 jar had a bug in it


  • Refactor API to use a Driver record (wrapped around the WebDriver instance)
  • Provide API support for both the new Driver and old plain Java WebDriver
  • Develop tests for both Driver and WebDriver
  • Implement API in terms of protocols that both Driver and WebDriver implement
  • Propogate Driver changes to Firefox and Grid support namespaces
  • Add caching functionality, for caching page elements on a given page based on configurable cache rules
  • Add cursory logging (to "watch" the cache work)


  • Fix unnecessary memory consumption in quick-fill for forms that submit


  • Make back and forward fn's return the driver instance
  • Enhance quick-fill fn to handle submitting forms correctly


  • Make new-driver accept keywords or strings for browser names
  • Add support for starting WebDriver's on the Selenium Grid
  • Update WebDriver dependency to 2.7


  • Fix and add test for flash fn
  • Fix deprecated Java method call for getting style properties of elements


  • Update Clojure to 1.3.0 (release)
  • Add acknowledgements section to README


  • Update Clojure to 1.3.0-RC0
  • Merge fix for empty? from RobLally
  • Make exists? use Clojure truthiness


  • Update WebDriver dependency to 2.5
  • Remove deprecated .setSelected, replace with .click


  • Update Clojure to 1.3.0-beta3


  • Merge xeqi's wait functionality into core


  • Enhance README documentation
  • Add form-helpers namespace, with quick-fill fn for filling out forms declaratively
  • Update WebDriver dependency to 2.4


  • Update Clojure to 1.3.0-beta1
  • Enhance test scripts


  • Fix bug reported by ulsa with flash fn
  • Update WebDriver dependency to 2.3, add needed JNA repo to project.clj
  • Replace deprecated .toggle with .click


  • Bump Clojure to most recent stable, 1.2.1
  • Update namespace declarations to abide by Clojure 1.2.1 changes


  • Enhance thrown exception with better message and page source code
  • Replace exists? fn with macro (as it otherwise necessarily throws an exception)


  • Stop intercepting NoSuchElementExceptions, as they should bubble up


  • Fix improper logic for :xpath and :css handling in find-* functions


  • Improve handling of :xpath and :css for find-* functions


  • Enhance documentation examples
  • Add function to generate XPath for given element
  • Add table functions (finding cells based on x/y)
  • Add :index functionality to find-* functions


  • Add shortcuts for :radio, :checkbox, and :textfield
  • Add fn's for deselecting checkboxes and shifting focus to a particular element
  • Add support for :tag-name in find-* functions
  • Consolidate namespaces into core


  • Add support for "semantic" button handling with find-* functions, so that different tags rendered as buttons are intuitive to find
  • Fix fn's that load new page, to not return elements (will throw exception at WebDriver level)
  • Add functions that execute JavaScript for some advanced functionality, borrowed from Watir-WebDriver
  • Increase regex support for find-* functions
  • Remove to-be-deprecated speed handling functionality
  • Bump WebDriver dep to 2.0b3


  • Enhance find-* functions to handle window handles in addition to page elements
  • Make return values of close and exists? more reasonable
  • Add tests for window handling

v0.1.3 (Build-Fixer)

  • Remove extraneous use statement for deleted ordered-set dependency


  • Remove ordered-set for datastructure for window handles
  • Enhance window-picking functions to use a more dev-friendly set of parameters


  • Add WindowHandle record for handling .getWindowHandles
  • Use ordered-set for pure-Clojure equivalent of Java datastructure for window handles
  • Add functions to handle switching between browser windows


  • find-* functionality with support for all query types (pure-Clojure, XPath, CSS)
  • Enhanced by-* support
  • Testing app (Moustache) built
  • Firefox profile support
  • README examples developed
  • Initial test suite developed
  • Keep WebDriver dependency in 2.x range