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#! /bin/bash
# A script to assist Andy in creating a consistent set of Clojure .jar
# files in the same directory, relative to the home directory, on
# multiple operating systems.
LEIN_FILES="`dirname $0`/lein-files"
#exit 0
mkdir -p "${HOME}/lein/lein-files"
cp -pr "${LEIN_FILES}"/* "${HOME}/lein/lein-files/"
cd "${HOME}/lein"
lein new clj-1.2.0
cd clj-1.2.0
cp -p "../lein-files/project.clj-for-clj-1.2.0-only" project.clj
lein deps
cd ..
lein new swank-clj-1.2.0
cd swank-clj-1.2.0
cp -p "../lein-files/project.clj-for-clj-1.2.0-plus-contrib-plus-swank" project.clj
lein deps
cd ..
for alpha in 1 3 4 5 6
lein new clj-1.3.0-alpha${alpha}
cd clj-1.3.0-alpha${alpha}
cp -p "../lein-files/project.clj-for-clj-1.3.0-alpha${alpha}-only" project.clj
lein deps
cd ..
# This one doesn't quite work yet, but none of the Clojure programs
# need anything from clojure-contrib yet.
#lein new contrib-1.3.0-alpha
#cd contrib-1.3.0-alpha
#cp -p "${LEIN_FILES}/project.clj-for-clj-1.3.0-plus-contrib" project.clj
#lein deps
#cd ..