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#! /bin/bash
# fannkuch works for Java and Clojure, but it is one of the slowest
# Clojure programs, partly because it has received less optimization
# attention because it is now considered obsolete on the Computer
# Language Benchmarks Game web site. Leave it out unless someone
# really wants it by editing this file.
# pidigits works for Clojure version that does not use the GMP
# library, but the Java and C versions requires the GMP library.
# Leave it out by default.
# chameneosredux and threadring have not yet been implemented in
# Clojure.
#for j in binarytrees fannkuch fannkuchredux fasta knucleotide mandelbrot meteor nbody pidigits regexdna revcomp spectralnorm
for j in binarytrees fannkuchredux fasta knucleotide mandelbrot meteor nbody regexdna revcomp spectralnorm
cd $j
./ "$@"
cd ..