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2012 Feb 23 - Clojure 1.3.0, sheet v1.3
Added new section Destructuring, with a link to a page containing
examples on, and a list of the most commonly-used macros
that allow destructuring to be used within them.
Added biginteger, and copy, and link to fs
project on GitHub for file manipulation functions.
Removed "Others" part of Metadata section. It contained too many
rarely-used metadata keys that can better be described on the web page linked to.
Added more links to, mostly in section titles.
Moved take-last from subcategory Head-items to Tail-items in Seq
in/Seq out section.
Moved Zippers/Get zipper functions to Zippers/Create.
Fix link to ->> in LaTeX so it works in generated PDF files.
Many small tweaks to try to get it to almost fit in 2 pages with both
US letter and A4 page sizes, but I think I'm giving up on that. It is
2+ sheets on paper, with room to grow. I used several more
occurrences of common {pre, suf}fixes to try to get it down, and left
those in.
2012 Feb 17 - Clojure 1.3.0, sheet v1.2
Added / after all namespace symbols, plus a brief note about this
notation, to be clearer to those new to Clojure.
Improved formatting of some code snippets in Abstractions section.
Made URL to clickable, and added a few more of them.
Fixed several typos: with-in-string -> with-in-str, Print/to string
changed to IO/to string.
Removed function sequence, which is rarely if ever used. seq is far
more common and useful.
2012 Feb 16 - Clojure 1.3.0, sheet v1.1
Primitives/Strings: Restructured to remove split between functions in
clojure.core vs. clojure.string, added Regex functions (moved from
where they used to be, way at the end in Other/Regex).
Collections: Added examples of abbreviations like (my-vec idx) -> (nth
my-vec idx), for vectors, maps, and sets. Combined subsections Sets
and Sets (clojure.set).
Removed StructMaps.
Printing: Renamed IO, and significantly expanded its content. Moved
what was in Other/IO here. I put in links to some Java 6 docs and a
couple of binary I/O Clojure libraries on github. That might be going
Multimethods: Renamed Abstractions, like in Fogus's ClojureScript
cheatsheet, and pretty much copied what he had there (adjusting for
slight ClojureScript and Clojure/JVM differences I know about, like
. instead of .-)
Reader Macros: Removed obsolete ^form -> (meta form). Changed #^ to ^
Metadata: Added new section with some details on metadata.
Special Forms: No content changes, simply moved earlier to try to make
things pack a little better in PDF version, which is just barely over
2 page now.
2012 Feb 15 - Clojure 1.3.0, sheet v1.0
Minor clojure-cheatsheet-generator.clj script updates so it would run
without errors or warnings with Clojure 1.3.0.
replicate, because DEPRECATED.
throw-if since it is declared private in clojure.core. It was in 1.2
as well, but does it really belong in the cheatsheet?
Additions of things new in Clojure 1.3.0:
find-keyword to Other/Keywords
realized? to Using a Seq/Check for forced evaluation
every-pred and some-fn to Functions/Create
with-redefs and with-redefs-fn to Macros/Scope
clojure.repl/pst to Java Interoperation/Exceptions
unchecked-{add,dec,divide,inc,multiply,negate,remainder,subtract}-int to Numbers/Unchecked. Space is a bit tight in that column to also include the long versions.
nthrest to Seq in, Seq out/Tail-items to Misc/Compare to Documentation/clojure.repl (I know, it is not really in clojure.repl -- space is getting tight in that column)
clojure.pprint/pprint and print-table to Printing/Print to *out*
Additions of things that existed before Clojure 1.3.0:
compare to several places that seem appropriate:
Seq in, Seq out/Rearrange, after sort-by
flatten to Seq in, Seq out/'Change'
fnil to Functions/Create
instance? to Misc/Test
doc and find-doc to Documentation/clojure.repl, since they moved from
clojure.core in 1.2.x to clojure.repl in 1.3.0.
2011 Sep 05
Changes in cheatsheet version 2.0 from the cheatsheet version
published at as of Sep 5, 2011:
Collections/Sets: sorted-set-by
Macros/Branch: case
Removed contains? from Collections/Collections/Content tests, but
remains in Collections/Maps. Its appearance in the former category is
potentially misleading as to its behavior. Suggested by Stuart
Removed Transients/Change and Transients/Iteration categories, since
those functions did not work on transients. All of the functions that
were there also appear elsewhere in more appropriate categories of the
cheatsheet. Renamed Transients/Use to Transients/Change.
Removed nthrest and rfirst, which had no links to any documentation.
I believe they existed in a version of Clojure before 1.2, but were
removed by version 1.2 or earlier.
HTML uses < > = ! instead of codes like %3C %3E etc.
Some reordering of lists of functions referring to types like byte,
short, int, long.
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