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Clojure/Java cheat sheet generator

The program clojure-cheatsheet-generator.clj and accompanying shell script can generate HTML and LaTeX versions of the Clojure/Java cheat sheet. A suitable LaTeX installation on your computer can then be used to generate PDF files as well. They are all generated with structure and symbols specified in the value of cheatsheet-structure in the Clojure source file. They contain clickable links to the documentation on either or (or no links at all).

The cheat sheet generated is currently specific to Clojure 1.3. It is easier to simply change this program as desired for later versions of Clojure, rather than try to have the same program able to generate cheatsheets for multiple Clojure versions.

Generating cheat sheet files

Edit to specify the location of your Clojure JAR file in the CLASSPATH variable. Also change the values of LINK_TARGET and PRODUCE_PDF variables to your liking. If you want to produce PDF files, you must have a suitable LaTeX installation on your computer. See "LaTeX installation notes" below for what is needed.

Run this command:


Output files are:

  • cheatsheet-full.html

  • cheatsheet-embeddable.html

    The full version is a standalone HTML file that is useful for viewing locally with a web browser while testing changes to the program. The embeddable version is almost the same, except only includes those things needed for publishing easily at

  • warnings.log

    Warning messages about any symbols for which no links to documentation could be found in the internal map called symbol-name-to-url. Also a list of all symbols that are in that map which are not mentioned in the cheat sheet. These may be useful to add to future revisions of the cheat sheet, if they are considered important enough.

  • cheatsheet-usletter-grey.tex

  • cheatsheet-usletter-color.tex

  • cheatsheet-usletter-bw.tex

  • cheatsheet-a4-grey.tex

  • cheatsheet-a4-color.tex

  • cheatsheet-a4-bw.tex

    LaTeX source files for black & white (bw), grayscale, and color versions of the cheat sheet, on either A4 or US letter size paper. The font size has been tuned by hand so that everything fits onto 2 pages on either size of paper. Search for fontsize in the Clojure source file if future modifications to the cheat sheet warrant further modification of these.

If you enable it in, corresponding PDF files will also be generated for each of the LaTeX files.

Things still missing:

  • No footer with version number, date, and attributions at the bottom.

LaTeX installation notes

On a Mac with MacPorts 2.0.3, the following two packages, plus what they depend upon, are sufficient:

  • texlive-latex-recommended (needed for scrreprt.cls)
  • texlive-fonts-recommended (needed for the lmodern font)

This command will install these packages:

% sudo port install texlive-latex-recommended texlive-fonts-recommended

On an Ubuntu 64-bit 10.4 LTS system, I got good results after installing the following packages:

  • texlive-latex-base
  • texlive-latex-extra


Copyright (C) 2012 Andy Fingerhut

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.