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See the introductory blog post.

How to Participate

Status and Roadmap

Very primitive static analysis for Clojure in place. Does only top-level defs, keyed off of form starting with "def". Obvious enhancements there:

  • Parse ns forms and learn the aliases for required namespaces
  • Find the doc strings, make codeqs for those
  • Walk the bodies and generate codeqs for uses (e.g. calls)


  • macro expansion

Other enhancement areas

  • sample queries and rules for useful tasks
  • analysis for other langs
    • Java - maybe use Spoon?
  • more helpful command line
    • split import and analyze
  • tools integration
    • Counterclockwise
    • nREPL
    • maybe some fancy browser-hosted UI built with ClojureScript talking to Datomic's REST API