cons.clj is greedy with idents #1

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tomjack commented Jan 1, 2013

Attribute idents used in cons.clj include :coll/list, :coll/map, :list/next, :map/key. There is also an :add-map db fn ident. If cons.clj were to graduate into a library, the pseudo-namespaces would seem problematic.

What can we do about this? The easiest way to resolve this issue is, I think, to change all the idents to stuff like :datomic-playground/ (or :datomic-playground.list/next ?), :datomic-playground/add-map, etc.

Balancing the parsimony of that (which still has no reverse domain..) vs greedy convenience is what my post here is about: . I'm not sure what I think should be done in the case of something like cons.clj yet. Any ideas?

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