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401eb56 @jdpace Initial Commit - Rails3 + RSpec2 + Haml + Mongoid
jdpace authored
1 .bundle
2 db/*.sqlite3
3 log/*.log
4 tmp/**/*
41396b6 @martinciu tmp/ added to .gitignore file
martinciu authored
5 tmp/*
609af31 @jdpace Move config.yml to config.example.yml
jdpace authored
6 config/config.yml
689c41d @jdpace Add a bootstrap task
jdpace authored
7 config/deploy.rb
ad7ed92 @boblail added config/deploy to .gitignore
boblail authored
8 config/deploy
6384237 @oruen Added .rvmrc to gitignore.
oruen authored
9 config/mongoid.yml
12288a3 @martinciu new relic configuration added
martinciu authored
10 config/newrelic.yml
6384237 @oruen Added .rvmrc to gitignore.
oruen authored
11 .rvmrc
117a402 @lukaszsliwa Added 'Up' button in the err view.
lukaszsliwa authored
12 .idea
cf313c5 @oruen Massive dependencies update.
oruen authored
13 *~
40453cc moved Notices to a separate collection
Karol Hosiawa authored
14 *.rbc
610191b @akzhan Use asynchronious rails.confirm implementation to prevent disabling o…
akzhan authored
15 .DS_Store
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