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  • Logging: For debugging. For runtime monitoring. For warning of dangerous actions.
  • Connection pooling for Sql implementations
  • Website?
  • Indexes:
    • Riak: currently indexes ALL fields. That's inefficient. Yet it can't search efficiently without index. If defentity allowed fields to be marked as indexed, would help riak a great deal. Indexes are needed at runtime to:
      • save (to know which indexes to add)
      • find-by-kind (so we know how to search)
    • Mongo: really only need indexes at defentity time to "ensure" they exist. Indexes are not needed at runtime.
    • GAE: Indexes are handled externally. Would be useless.
    • SQL: Same as Mongo I suppose.
    • Implement indexes as datastore decorators?
  • Ragtime integration for migrations (
  • Datomic - maybe?
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