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Walton is a suite of tools for guiding exploration and discovery in the Clojure REPL.

Open Questions

  • What will I use for parsing the HTML logs?
  • How do I keep those logs up to date?
  • Should I mirror chouser's site or log on my own?
  • Should I cast all of chouser's logs to a new format that fits the style of my own irc logger?
  • Will be the website where examples are housed?
  • How can I make my full data set publicly available?
  • Are there any concerns about logging #clojure with no notice?
  • Are there multiple projects involved here that could be built into a suite? ** I think so. sente is for exploration, gote is for cargo culting by example. ** examples-of => gote ** cheat => sente ** orient-around

Getting Walton

  • Get walton from clojars.
  • If you're using leiningen, create a new project by doing lein new myprojectname.
  • Edit project.clj and add ["org.getclojure.walton" "1.0"]to the :dev-dependencies. It should look something like this:

    (defproject … :description … :dependencies … :dev-dependencies ["org.getclojure.walton", "1.0"])

  • Save the file and run lein deps to pull walton and its dependencies into your project.

  • Start up a REPL by typing lein repl.

Walton Overview

Walton has N main components:

(examples-of …)

user> (examples-of let)
=> [(let [x 1] x), (let [[x y] [1 2]] {:x x, :y y}), …]

(cheat …)

user> (cheat let)
=> "### let ###
    1. destructuring
    2. special keywords and reader macros
    3. clojuredocs user-submitted usage
    4. examples used in the #clojure irc channel"

(orient-around …)

user> (orient-around seq)
=> Returns a clojure-atlas ontological representation of seq's place
   in clojure. {:parents […], :siblings […]}






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