Fix build on OSX #1

merged 6 commits into from Feb 21, 2014

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i worked around peculiar libtool behavior (generating .bundle files rather than .so) on osx, and fixed the deprecation warnings raised by rake, rdoc, and flexmock. there are still a few deprecation warnings being raised in cm17a.c, but otherwise the build is working.

adammck added some commits May 26, 2011
@adammck adammck add flexmock dependency. 6371e44
@adammck adammck avoid flexmock deprecation warnings. 18e22b2
@adammck adammck avoid rake/rdoctask deprecation warning. d03b2f1
@adammck adammck avoid rake/gempackagetask deprecation warning. dcdf3b7
@adammck adammck remove and ignore build files. 83faae0
@adammck adammck fix build on osx.
on darwin, libtool seems to build ruby extensions as .bundle (library) files,
rather than .so (shared library) files. i don't entirely understand the
difference, but this patch works around it.
@devn devn merged commit 5195e19 into devn:master Feb 21, 2014

Thank you for this.

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