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passgrid is a KISS password grid generator and manager powered by java, spring boot and mongodb.

Build and run demo using docker

Run the following commands:

docker build --tag=passgrid
docker run -p 8080:8080 passgrid

Then access to the passgrid application using a web browser on http://localhost:8080

Build, run and deploy manually

Skill check

Please note that a thorough knowledge of Java web application development and hosting is required.


  • JDK 7+
  • Maven 3+
  • mongodb 2+


mvn package

Run locally

Ensure that mongodb is running and listening on then run:

java -jar target/passgrid-*.jar

The frontend is now accessible on locahost:8080.

Deploy and hosting on a production server

There is several options to deploy and host jb3. Here is one that requires:

  • a domain name (example:
  • a web server with http proxy capabilities (example Cherokee).

Application configuration

In production environnement, please change the following parameters

  • security.user.password

to your configuration.


  1. Build and launch passgrid on the server.
  2. Configure your web server to act as reverse proxy on http://localhost:8080