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Vitabright is a plugin enabling you to alter the luminosity levels of your PS Vita. It thus allows you to decrease the brightness level below the minimum, and increase it above the maximum. This plugin is compatible with both OLED (PS Vita 1000) and LCD (PS Vita 2000) models. Tested to be functional on 3.60 Ensō, 3.65 h-encore, 3.67 h-encore and 3.68 h-encore.

Important note: While most OLED screens work with vitabright, some OLED screens (PS Vita 1000) don't work with it. It seems that their gamma table isn't overridden properly. See issue #13 for more information.


  • Download the latest version from the Releases section.
  • Extract the files to ur0:/tai/ on your Vita.
  • Add ur0:/tai/vitabright.skprx below *KERNEL in the ur0:/tai/config.txt file.

Important note: If you have a folder ux0:/tai on your memory stick, it will prevent plugins in ur0:/tai from loading. In order to fix this, delete the folder ux0:/tai.


  • Once vitabright is installed and your Vita is restarted, it will automatically work. Just open the brightness settings and move the slider.
  • You can customize the gamma table that vitabright uses for OLED screens (PS Vita 1000): open the file vitabright_lut.txt and modify it according to your needs. Note: for now, you cannot tweak the luminosity levels of LCD screens (PS Vita 2000) without recompiling the plugin (for advanced users).
  • Note that while there is also a file named vitabright_lut_orig.txt, it's not used by vitabright and it's only here for informational purposes.

Important note: If you want to use FileZilla for transferring the file vitabright_lut.txt, you'll first need to change the transfer type from Auto to Binary or it can prevent vitabright from parsing it correctly.

How can I edit the OLED gamma table?

Use this tool:

Please share your improved vitabright_lut.txt file by opening an issue!

OLED gamma table explanations

Thanks to xyz, yifanlu, and xerpi for their help.